Advising Updates

Spring 2024 Course Updates and Capped Waitlists

Temporary Area 2 Course
CMSC 498F (3) Selected Topics in Computer Science; Advances in XR can be applied to Distributive Area 2 of the CS Major (Spring 2024 only). Please contact your assigned academic advisor to apply either course towards your CS Major requirements (where applicable).

The following CMSC course waitlists are capped:

  • CMSC131 (all sections except Freshmen Connection)
  • CMSC132 (all sections)
  • CMSC216 (all sections)
  • CMSC250 (all sections)
  • CMSC330 (all sections)
  • CMSC351 (all sections)
  • CMSC414 (section 0101)
  • CMSC416 (section 0101)
  • CMSC434 (section 0301)
  • CMSC436 (section 0101)