Combined BS/MS Program

Since 2008, the Department has offered a combined BS/MS degree program to enable talented students to earn both a BS and an MS , both in Computer Science, in 5 years*.

Students in this program must satisfy all standard requirements for both the Computer Science BS and MS degrees; however, students may use up to 9 credits taken as an undergraduate toward both degrees, with advanced approval from the Computer Science Department and the Graduate School. Any courses may be selected for this double counting, including those used toward BS major requirements and the MS qualifying coursework.

Students applying for the program should familiarize themselves with the MS degree requirements, found in our graduate policy manual. 


Students who meet the following criteria should submit a Combined Bachelor's/Master's degree form to indicate their interest in applying for the program. This should be submitted via this form to the CS Graduate Office. 

  • CS Majors
  • In at least Spring of their Junior year
  • Have a 3.5 cum GPA

Once this form is signed and submitted to the Graduate School, students should apply through the standard online application (Under "Level of Study" select "Combined Bachelor's-Master's"). The term they apply for should be that immediately following their graduation from the Bachelor's program (i.e. if you graduate with your BS in Spring 2021, you should apply for the BSMS for Fall 2021).

For admission deadlines, see the Prospective Student page

Application Timeline

  • Fall of Junior year or before- Explore graduate school process and options. Begin getting involved in research.
  • Spring of Junior Year - Submit a Combined Bachelor's/Master's degree form to the CS Graduate Office via the online form
  • Senior year (fall) - Submit graduate application by posted deadlines (Early Oct. for Spring, mid-December for subsequent Fall).
  • 2nd semester of MS - After 1 semester in the MS program, file a Transfer/Inclusion of Credit form to have any courses listed on your Combined Bachelor's/Master's degree form and/or Graduate Credit Permission form added to your graduate student academic record.


  • Revisions to courses submitted on your Combined BS/MS form for dual credit cannot be changed later. Additionally, students should keep a record of those coures to ensure they list those same courses on their Transfer/Inclusion form.
  • Students who apply and are rejected from the dual Bachelor's/Master's cannot reapply to it later. They would only be able to apply for the traditional Master of Science.
  • Students admitted to a combined Bachelor’s-Master’s Program may not defer the start of their Master’s program, but may request a Leave of Absence in their first year in the Master's program. The only reasons combined B/M students may take a semester/year off immediately after earning the bachelor's degree are: childbirth, adoption, serious health condition, caring for incapacitated dependents, financial hardship, and military service (i.e., allowed reasons under the Graduate School's Leave of Absence policy).
  • Students who do not begin their Master’s program the term after completing their Bachelor’s degree will have the double-counted credits converted to being counted only for the Bachelor’s degree. The Combined BS/MS Form cannot be approved retroactively once the student has entered graduate studies. The only case where  exceptions are allowed is if the form was not processed due to administrative errors while the student was in undergrad. 

*For most students, taking 9 credits (i.e., those that double count) does not guarantee completion of the MS within one year post BS, though many do. Those wishing to do so should also consider taking a fourth graduate course (only for graduate credit) while enrolled as an undergraduate using the Graduate Credit Permission form.