Advising Updates

Spring 2022 Capped Waitlists (as of 12/17/21)

The following CMSC course waitlists are now capped:

  • CMSC131
  • CMSC132
  • CMSC216
  • CMSC250
  • CMSC351 0301
  • CMSC420 0101/0201
  • CMSC421 0201
  • CMSC430
  • CMSC434 (both sections)
  • CMSC435 0201
  • CMSC451
  • CMSC456 0101

The department takes careful consideration before a course is capped. At this time, we do not anticipate opening more seats in these courses and you will not be able to add yourself to those waitlists. You are encouraged to request permissions for courses that have available seats. If you need assistance identifying courses that fit your schedule, please contact your assigned advisor or ugrad [at] with any questions or concerns.

- The CS Advising Team