Internships, Co-ops, Employment

Internships and Co-ops

Students in the Department of Computer Science are strongly encouraged to participate in an internship. Bi-annually, the Computer Science Department has a Career Fair that allows students and employers to meet and discuss the opportunities for internships, co-ops, and full-time employment. The University Career Center (UCC) also has a career fair at which students may interact with employers. You can find events that will assist you in preparing for our career fairs via the STEM Career & Internship Fairs resource guide. We encourage students to check our CS Undergraduate Blog frequently for internship and employment opportunities. Traditionally, students participate in internship opportunities during the summer term but students can also find opportunities during the fall, winter, and spring terms. For students interested in completing an internship during the fall or spring semester (sometimes known as a co-op), please visit the following resources for additional information:

If you have questions regarding internships, co-ops, and career information (including resume guidance) please visit the UCC@CMNS website for more information.

Statement on Recruiting

We are thrilled that so many outstanding companies are interested in our computer science students at the University of Maryland. As such, our students often find themselves under a great deal of pressure to make a decision about where to start their careers.

We ask that if students are offered a full time position after a summer internship that students have until October 15th to make a decision about that offer. We ask that if students are offered a position during the fall or spring semester that students have three weeks from the date of a written offer to make a decision. The same holds true for students being offered summer internships in August or September.

Accepting a Job Offer & Consequences of Reneging

The hardest part of the job search might be over but you still need to make an important decision - so take some time to give it serious thought. If you receive an offer, but are still waiting to hear from other employers, be sure to explain your situation and ask for an additional week or two to make a final decision. (Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for an extension; this looks like you are not planning ahead.) Do not accept a job offer on the spot; weigh your choices carefully and ensure that you are making the best possible choice for your career goals. It is also appropriate to call any employers you are still waiting to hear back from to tell them you have received another offer and ask when they are planning to make their decision.

Once you accept an offer, you are obligated to that position even if you get a better offer later. Do not accept a job offer unless and until you are sure of your commitment. You should withdraw yourself from other positions you are being considered for and you should stop submitting new applications.

Reneging damages not just your professional reputation, but that of the Department of Computer Science. Your actions can jeopardize opportunities for other computer science students. Your Handshake account will be blocked, and you are barred from participating in campus recruiting activities until you meet with an advisor. You will be required to compose a sincere letter of apology, explaining your actions, which we will review and submit to the recruiter. Future recruiting privileges will be evaluated at that time.

This policy deals with you reneging on your commitment to a company. If a company/organization rescinds its offer of employment to you, please notify us immediately.

What to do upon receipt of a co-op offer:

If you decide to participate in a co-op, please contact the undergraduate office as well as the Engineering Co-op and Career Services office. Together both offices are able to help students ensure that they have successful experiences.