Previous Honors Projects

Year Student Title Project PDF Advisor Co-Advisor
2019 Anthony Li
  • AccessScore: A framework for generating individually tailored accessibility visualizations for people with mobility impairments
Jon Froehlich
2019 Baram Sosis
  • Learning in a continuous-valued attractor network
James Reggia
2019 James Cary Mason
  • A domain for the evaluation of RAEplan
Dana Nau
2019 Omer Yampel
  • BEAGLE: Provenance Graphs for Security Incident Response
Tudor Dumitras
2019 George Hughey
  • UnCaptcha: A Low-Resource Defeat of ReCaptcha's Audio Challenge
Dave Levin
2018 Alexander Zhang
  • Detecting Semantic Difference using Word Embeddings
Marine Carpuat
2018 Noa Eisenbach Chazan
  • A Temporal Thermography System for Supporting Longitudinal Building Energy Audits
Jon Froehlich
2018 Marcus Fedarko
  • Hierarchically Visualizing Metagenome Assembly Graphs with MetagenomeScope
Mihai Pop
2018 Austin Bourgerie
  • Refinement Types for Ruby
Jeff Foster
2017 Patrick David Owen
  • Factoring Point Clouds into Positions and Translations for Compression
Amitabh Varshney
2017 Jeremy August Krach
  • Copy-on-Reference File Mechanism Extends Scope of Dynamic Reconfiguration
James Purtilo
2016 Ashton Niels Webster
  • A Comparison of Transfer Learning Algorithms for Defect and Vulnerability Detection
James Purtilo
2016 Amelia Rose Malone
  • The Digital Divide in Search Query Composition Patterns
Michelle Mazurek
2016 Francis Trevor Cangialosi
  • Ting: Measuring and Exploiting Latencies Between All Tor Nodes
Dave Levin
2015 Andrew Stewart Consroe
  • Contig Abundance Estimation in Metagenomic Samples using k-mer Count Analysis
Mihai Pop
2015 John Purtilo
  • Abductive Spatial Reasoning Diagnosis Models
James Reggia
2014 Omar Hossain Ahsan
  • QR Decomposition in a Multicore Environment
Howard Elman
2014 Ryan Michael Dorson
  • CrosScan: The Crossword Scanning App
Evan Golub David Jacobs
2014 Victoria Lai
  • Proving the Impossible: Provable Route Avoidance using Alibi Routing
  • Comparing Social Tags to Microblogs
  • How do Twitter Conversations Differ based on Geography, Time, and Subject?
Dave Levin William Rand
2014 Jeremy Ozymandias Fallick
  • A Generalized Framework for Machine Transliteration
Hal Daume
2013 Khoa T Ha
  • Tracing implicit surfaces from polygonal mesh using FIGTree
Ramani Duraiswami
2013 Andrew J Lohr
  • Tight Lower Bounds for Unequal Division
William Gasarch
2013 James Lee Parker
  • Froid: Functional Reactive Android
Michael Hicks
2013 Elissa Marie Redmiles
  • Human factors and requirements for a successful mobile platform dynamic taxi-share system in the USA
Samir Khuller
2013 John Daniel Ingraham
  • Rule Creation in CTArcade: Teaching Abstract Computational Thinking From Concrete Guidelines
Ben Bederson
2013 Joshua Tai Brule
  • The `Russian Roulette' Problem: A Probabilistic Variant of the Josephus Problem
William Gasarch
2012 Moshe Matanya Katz
  • A Survey of Security in Single-Purpose Systems
Elaine Shi
2012 Yehuda Aryeh Katz
  • A Survey of Security in Single-Purpose Systems
Elaine Shi
2012 John Toman
  • Topics in Compilers
Jeff Foster
2012 Hitesh Maidasani
  • Entity Resolution Evaluation Measures
Link Lise Getoor
2012 Eric Kuang
  • A 2-opt Based Heuristic for the Hierarchal Traveling Salesman Problem
Link Bruce Golden
2012 Philip Anderson
  • Link Prediction for Annotation Graphs using Graph Summarization
Link Louiqa Raschid Samir Khuller
2012 Jeff Jacobs
  • Evolving Musical Counterpoint
Link James Reggia
2012 Talia Ringer
  • An Elliptic Curve Threshold Key Establishment Scheme
Link Larry Washington
2012 Kris Samala
  • Modelling Disease Transmission on a Location-Based Social Network
Link Carl Kingsford
2012 Ryan Sims
  • Secure Execution of Student Code
Link Bill Pugh
2012 Tobin Valenstein
  • Science Kit
Link Evan Golub
2011 Tiffany Chao
  • Visual Techniques for Medical Reconciliation
Link Atif Memon Ben Shneiderman
2011 Richard Matthew McCutchen
  • Streaming algorithms for k-center clustering with outliers and with anonymity
Link Samir Khuller
2011 Levon K. Mkrtchyan
  • Using Sparse Training to Estmate Context-Sensitive Translation Probabilities
Link Bonnie Dorr
2011 Carl Albach
  • K-mulus: A database clutering approach to protein BLAST in the clouds
Link Mihai Pop
2011 Sebastian Angel
  • K-mulus: A database clutering approach to protein BLAST in the clouds
Link Mihai Pop
2011 Jonathan Speiser
  • SIMP: A Simplified Computational thinking and programming tool for children
Link Ben Bederson
2010 Allison Hoch
  • Dense Graphs
Link Samir Khuller
2010 Daniel Sugarman
  • User Interface for MyeVyu
Link Amitabh Varshney
2010 Timothy J. Meyer
  • Evaluation of Entity Recognition Systems
Link Amy Weinberg
2009 Sonia R. Franckel
  • GeoStories
Link Allison Druin
2009 Yuangchen (Mike) Luo
  • Canny Edge Detection on NVIDIA GPU
Link Ramani Duraiswami
2009 Kristin Stephens
  • Optimizing Swarm Intelligence in Solving Transport Problems
Link James Reggia
2008 Christine Masuoka
  • Java Programming Using Voice Input: Adding Java Support to VoiceCode
Link Michelle Hugue
2008 Jacob Devlin
  • Dealing with Deletion Errors in MT
  • Automatically Derived Multi-level Word Classes for MT
Link, Link Bonnie Dorr
2008 Brent Dorman
  • Secret Bit Transmission Using a Deck of Cards
Link William Gasarch
2008 Daniel Hackner
  • GUITAR AMP (AutoMatic jfcunit test case Producer)
Link Atif Memon
2008 Lynn Reggia
  • Secret Bit Transmission Using a Deck of Cards
Link William Gasarch
2008 Morgan Dixon
  • Optimal Parameters for Efficient Crossing-Based Dialog Boxes
Link Franois Guimbretire
2008 Stanley Jih-hwa Lam
  • PatternFinder in Microsoft Amalga: Temporal Query Formulation and Result Visualization in Action
Link Ben Shneiderman
2008 Chris Conroy
  • Magnetic Card Security Project
Link James Purtilo
2008 Michael Wasser
  • SocialBrowsing: Augmenting Web Browsing to Include Social Context
Link Bonnie Dorr
2008 Jeffrey A. Meister
  • Serializing C Intermediate Representations to Promote Efficiency and Portability
Link Jeff Foster Michael Hicks
2008 Katrina LaCurts
  • Decision Trees
Link William Gasarch
2007 Andrew Parrish
  • Purely Combinatorial Proofs of Van der Waerden-type Theorems
  • Exploration of the Three-Person Duel
Link, Link William Gasarch
2007 Daozheng Chen
  • Speeding up Queries in a Leaf Image Database
Link David Jacobs
2007 Jessica Chang
  • Online Algorithms for Broadcast Scheduling
Link Samir Khuller
2006 David Renie
  • Voter discrepancy through improper districting
Link James Purtilo
2006 John Brennan
  • Voter discrepancy through improper districting
Link James Purtilo
2006 David Marcin
  • Voter discrepancy through improper districting
Link James Purtilo
2006 Jonathan Howard
  • Vertex Reordering for Cache Coherency
Link Amitabh Varshney
2006 Phillip Crosby
  • Annoflow -- Handwritten Annotation and Proofreading on Dynamic Digital Documents
  • Demo
Link, Link Franois Guimbretire
2006 Patrick Armstrong
  • Automated Strategies for the Game Minesweeper
Link William Gasarch
2006 Robert Patro
  • A survey of some recent results in computer graphics
Link Amitabh Varshney
2006 Daniel Ramsbrock
  • Magnetic Swipe Card System Security
Link Jonathan Katz
2006 Bryant Lee
  • XMT Applications Programming: Image Registration and Computer Graphics
Link Uzi Vishkin
2006 John Shin
  • A graphical interface for JHOP-2
Link Dana Nau
2005 Firouzeh Jalilian
  • Development of Vulnerable E-Commerce
Link Michel Cukier
2005 Amy Lee Alford
  • A First Generation Semantic Portal
Link Jim Hendler
2005 Daniel Speyer
  • ForNet
Link Atif Memon
2005 Michael Lin
  • Cartographic Labelling
Link Hanan Samet
2005 Svetlana Yarosh
  • Universal Device Interface
Link Don Perlis
2005 Bret Cohen
  • Firearm Alerting System
Gilmer Blankenship
2005 Colin Dixon
  • Vertex cover problem with hard capacities
Link Samir Khuller
2004 Ryan E. Braud
  • Using Application Layer Multicast to Distribute Streaming Video
Link Bobby Bhattacharjee
2004 Kevin Conroy
  • TAbiWord: Digital Document Annotation and Reflow
Link Franois Guimbretire
2004 Michael Fan
  • Tic Tac Toe with Betting
Link William Gasarch
2004 Stuart D. Fletcher
  • The Egg Game
Link William Gasarch
2004 Nikolai Yakovenko
  • Analysis of a New Shift Cipher
Link Larry Washington William Gasarch
2004 Steven Philip Helfand
  • The Democritization of GIS and Applications in Community Planning
David Mount
2004 Phillip B. Kirlin
  • Cartographic Generalization of Polylines Stored in Quadtrees
Link Hanan Samet
2004 Christian Klein
  • Effectiveness of Animated Scrolling
Link Ben Bederson
2004 Istvan Laszlo
  • Moon of Mars Explorer
Link David Mount
2004 Shirin Mehraban
  • A Linear Programming Based Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment by Using Markov Decision Process
Link Chau-Wen Tseng
2004 Pramit K. Mohapatra
  • Inclusion of Edge Length in TreeJuxtaposer Tree Layouts
Link Franois Guimbretire
2004 Will Valencia
  • Creating a Pseudo-Random Number Generator
Link Larry Washington William Gasarch
2003 Nilani Aluthgendra
  • Recognizing Sentence Boundaries and Boilerplate
Link Dianne O'Leary
2003 Dave Cohen
  • The Visual Query Interface: Graphical User Interface Analysis and Redesign
Link Vic Basili
2003 Aaron Elkiss
  • A Scalable Architecture for Linguistic Annotation
Link Philip Resnik
2003 Martha Gebremichael
  • Implementing On-line Software Upgrades in JavaSource Code
  • Source Code
Link, Link Michael Hicks
2003 Scott Moore
  • Perfect and PluPerfect Digital Invariants
Link William Gasarch
2003 Michael Nelson
  • Aspect-oriented Asynchrony in Java
Link Michael Hicks
2003 Charles (Chao) Song
  • IEEE 802.11 DCF simulator with power saving mode
Link Ashok Agrawala
2003 Gilad Suberri
  • Automated Reverse Engineering of Graphical User Interfaces
Link Atif Memon
2003 David Thaw
  • The Impact of Information and Computing Systems Monopoly on Democratic Processes in the United States
Link Ashok Agrawala
2003 Wendy Chou
  • Elliptic Curve Crypotography and Its Applications to Mobile Devices
Link Larry Washington
2003 Leonid Velikovich
  • Adapting the Lattice-Boltzmann Model for Efficient Airflow Modeling inside the View Frustum
Link Amitabh Varshney
2002 Srinivas Kashyap
  • Algorithms for Data placement on disks
Link Samir Khuller
2002 Sergey Koren
  • DataCutter Framework Expansion
Link Alan Sussman
2002 Lisa Pearl
  • Divergences: Exploring One Rabbit Hole in Word-Level Alignment
Link Bonnie Dorr
2002 Svetlana Shargorodskaya
  • Implementation of Data Migration Algorithms
Link Samir Khuller
2002 Konstantin Berlin
  • UPC vs. MPI and OpenMP: Analysis of a Hybrid Approach to Parallel Programming
Link Chau-Wen Tseng
2002 Liliya Kharevych
  • 3D Physics Engine For Elastic and Deformable Bodies
Link David Mount
2002 Steve Betten
  • Viewing Changes: Monitoring with Treemaps
Ben Bederson
2002 Semion S. Bezrukov
  • Methods for Multiplayer Gameworld Synchronization
Link Clyde Kruskal
2002 Amy Castner
  • Private Information Retrieval with 1 copy
Link William Gasarch
2002 Roman Chertov
  • Exposing DataCutter C++ library API to JAVA applications
Link Alan Sussman
2002 Jason Ernst
  • Optimal Diagnostic Inference
Link VS Subrahmanian
2002 Chad Groft
  • Interactive and Zero-knowledge Proofs
Link William Gasarch
2002 Judy Hsu
  • Automated Grading Evaluation System Life-cycle
Link Michelle Hugue
2001 Eric Everstine
  • Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA
Link William Gasarch
2001 William Y. Jhun
  • Techniques for Estimating Worse-Case Program Execution Times with Unexpected Hardware Architecture Changes or Unknowns
Link Ashok Agrawala
2001 Andrey Khorlin
  • High-performance computing
Link Jeff Hollingsworth
2001 Josh Neel
  • Cryptanalysis of Mobile Phone Cryptology
Link Larry Washington
2001 Noah Smith
  • Detection of Translational Equivalence
Link Philip Resnik
2001 Peter James Schwartz
  • Irrational Beliefs: Truth Maintenance with Cognitive Dissonance
Link Don Perlis
2001 Ransom Winder
  • Kinetic PR Quadtree
Link David Mount
2000 Adam Bartgeil
  • Knights and Knormals
Link William Gasarch
2000 Raghuveer Chalasani
  • Exploring Treemaps: Design and Implementation of Treemap 2000 with Dynamic Queries
Link Ben Shneiderman
2000 John Jung
  • Empirical Comparison of Four Accelerators for Direct Annotation of Photos
Link Ben Shneiderman
2000 Kevin Kane
  • Constructive Proofs in Ramsey Theory
Link William Gasarch
2000 Aleksey Martynov
  • A Ray Tracing Algorithm for Sphere Rendering
Link David Mount
1999 An Zhu
  • A Uniform Framework for Approximating Weighted Connectivity Problems
Link Samir Khuller
1998 Annapurna Valluri
  • Database
Link Christos Faloutsos
1998 Roman Shapiro
  • Apportionment of Representatives in the United States Congress House of Representatives and avoiding the 'Alabama Paradox'
Link Clyde Kruskal
1998 Terri Paik
  • Korean/English Machine Translation: Semantics and Morphology
Link Bonnie Dorr
1998 Landon Davies
  • Computational Finance
1998 Philip Su
  • JAVA Operating System: VenusOS
John Gannon
1998 Payam Fard
  • Apportionment schemes for voting
Link Clyde Kruskal
1998 Kareem S Aggour
  • Security
Michelle Hugue
1998 Maria Jump
  • Design and Implementation of an Interactive Ray Tracer
Link David Mount
1998 Amy Yuan
  • Image Flaw Removal
Link David Mount
1997 April Simmons
  • Computer Science
1997 Jun S Yang
  • Korean/English Translation
Link Bonnie Dorr
1997 Tariq Magdon-Ismail
  • Vehicle Routing
Samir Khuller
1997 Suresh Aryangat
  • Symbolic computation
Alex Dragt
1997 Gil Carmel
  • Learning Richman Games on Neural Networks Using Temporal Difference Learning
Link William Gasarch
1997 Rajarshi Gupta
  • Local Area Switching Networks
Prakash Narayan Armand Makowski
1997 Charlie Hohn
  • Simulating Robots
Jim Hendler
1997 Greg Seidman
  • Human interface
David Mount
1996 Do-Jun Byun
  • Code Optimization
John Gannon
1996 Robert Ross
  • Database
VS Subrahmanian
1996 Michael Steele
  • Grindstone: A Test Suite for Parallel Performance Tools
Link Jeff Hollingsworth
1996 Jeffrey Squires
  • Restoration of videos
Larry Davis
1996 Vanessa Heppolette
  • Device Driver optimization
Jeff Hollingsworth
1996 Sze Yuen Wong
  • Process Planning
Dana Nau
1995 Assaf Mendelson
  • Medical applications
Joel Saltz
1995 Ellen Paik
  • Signature files
1995 Marat Fayzullin
  • Remote I/O libraries
James Purtilo
1995 Jason Ellis
  • Heap Sort and its variants
Clyde Kruskal
1995 Chi Tran
  • Heap Sort and its variants
William Gasarch
1995 Vimarsh Bakaya
  • Graph Drawing Tools
Samir Khuller
1995 Heung-Man Lam
  • Face recognition algorithms
Larry Davis
1995 Mema Roussopoulos
  • Segmenting Video's
Larry Davis
1995 Gaurav Bhatia
  • Computer Science
1995 Edward Shnekendorf
  • Computer Science
1994 Oliver Seeliger
  • Scheduling- TA assignments
Samir Khuller
1994 Nirupama Chandrasekaran
  • AI and Manufactoring
Dana Nau
1994 Lev Novik
  • Logic Programming and Prolog
Jack Minker
1994 Yew Kung
  • AI and Manufactoring- Solid Modelling
Dana Nau
1994 Salim Chawro.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
David Mount
1994 Heather Hill
  • Computer Science
1993 Scott Walker
  • Distributed Processes
James Purtilo
1993 Sergey Brin
  • Logic Programming
1993 Kirk Dunsavage
  • Software Engineering
James Purtilo
1993 Bernard Chan
  • Program analysis
Bill Pugh
1992 Carolyn Stanoyevitch
  • Database
1992 Steve Jones
  • Neural Networks
James Reggia
1992 David Herbert
  • Neural Networks
1992 Charles Falkenberg
  • Spatial Modeling
James Purtilo
1992 Samuel Lamphier
  • Testing
John Gannon
1992 Daniel Levine
  • Search Algorithms
Dana Nau
1991 Eugene Schwatzman
  • Planning
Jim Hendler
1991 Frank John Andrasco
  • Database
Christos Faloutsos
1990 Pedga Bogdanovich
  • Graphics
Hanan Samet
1990 Heide Yost
  • Interface Type Checking
James Purtilo
1990 Hillel Steinberg
  • System
Ken Salem
1989 Andrew Pach
  • Database
Timoleon Sellis
1989 Joanne D'Souza
  • Computers in Medical Diagnotics
William Atchison
1988 David Hobbs
  • Automatic Spell Correction
Ben Shneiderman
1988 Barry Reich
  • Graphics
Gary Knott
1987 Mallku G. Caballro
  • Automatic Test Case Generation
Pankaj Jalote
1987 Kathy Kershaw
  • Graphics
Gary Knott